Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My Introduction to Online Douchbaggery

Alright, well my first experience with people like, E-thugs, Scammers, Hackers, and just plain assholes, occured in the well known MMO game, Runescape. I've known a lot of people who have played Runescape, and most of my friends have played it or attempted to play it once, none of them really started playing it hardcore. See, I got far in the game nearly level 90, and in my time I had seen a lot of people that were complete assholes. One of my most vivid memories of these people, was when I was about level 80. I was a member for probably 6 months and often I would go into the TzHaar Caves in the Karamja Volcano. I will tell you a story about this experience with an online douche bag.

At level 80 400k gold seems like quite a bit of money in Runescape, and a great way to make money if you were strong and had decent armor and weapons, was to go to the TzHaar caves inside of the Karamja Volcano. The items dropped by the enemies in the cave, mainly the capes and shields of the TzHaar, were worth about 400,000 gold each, and if you were patient you could go and kill the monsters there and hope that they drop them. In my first adventures into the cave, I had seen many people walking around using these powerful TzHaar weapons, shields, and capes, and figured that they had to be worth a lot, so I did some research to find the prices on the street for them, I found out that they were worth 400k each! That was a lot of money to me, because I was never the richest player, but I had enough to suffice. So what i would do is go to the cave with a rune halberd and attack the monsters from behind the mining rocks, so that they couldn't hit me. I would do this for hours a day, and never found anything. Then one day while I was in there I killed one and it dropped a cape... I was so excited I yelled out that I had found one and put it on, and one player said that I was lucky, so I killed a few more with my new cape and in the long run I got 2 capes and 2 TzHaar shields. I planned on selling the shields and keeping the capes for me and my cousin, Kitty11115. By the way, my username was Bigboy111133. The player who saw me was still there and had gotten nothing and asked if he could have one, and I said that if i got a third shield, or cape, I would give him one, he didn't seem thrilled at the idea considering he hadn't gotten one all day. So a few kills later, I realized after I had attacked a level 146 foe, that I was completely out of lobsters, so I ran, the monster killed me and I could not get back in time to get back my items. When I did get back the player who had been there the whole time, had taken my things and stashed them in his bank, I found him and asked him if he picked them up, he said yes and when I asked him if I could them back or at least one of them, he said no and called me a noob for dieing. I was mad and added him to my ignore list.

That is one of my Douche bag experiences online, I have played many MMO's but I played Runescape the most and had made many friends but also many enemies and many people who which I hated and either reported for scamming, hacking, or other Douchebaggery things. I learned a lot of things from these MMO's, and one of the most important things is that there are people out there, that play these games, and they just lack the ability to make friends or be kind. This concludes the post. Expect more in the future. I have many stories to tell.


  1. I remember that one well... That's how people are, though. To most, items mean more than friends. It's a horrible way to look at things. This is why I never join guilds/clans. Everyone is fine with each other, but the moment I get an item someone else wants, there's drama.

  2. Yes, Yes. Good times. So many memories. Truly, the new guild and clan deal, in my opinion, is dumb, it just doesn't work well. I've played it to see what it was like, not good. Works well with many games, but not Runescape.