Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Usage of the Words "Noob" and "Newb"

In all my days in online gaming a thing that I've learned is that there are so many people that use the words Noob and Newb. Many don't understand the meaning of these words. For example, Newb is used as a slang term for a beginner player. Noob is most commonly used by people to express that they believe a person is suckish, bad, or if they just don't like the person or have bad relationships with the person. Also, Many times people will mix up the words, using "noob" instead of "newb" and who they direct it to may be offended or understand what they really meant. I'm one of the people who don't care if they call me that, but in my opinion those who use the word noob, are really the noobs themselves. And if I say that to a gaming player, they may come back saying that I just called them a noob, but no, I didn't. Really I just told them what other people think about them when they do use noob to describe a person. So many times have I been called this, in Runescape especially. The players in that game, for the most part, will call other people noobs, but there are a select few who can make many friends because they don't. But in reality what does "noob" really mean? Who knows. It's really up to the person using it. I remember times when I would be in the bank trying to sell lobsters, and someone would offer to trade with me, and I would ask him how many he wanted and all he would say is "Let me see how many you have". Then I would put in my 300 lobsters, raw, as I broadcasted, and he would call me a noob for not only having only 300 of them, but also that they were raw and he wanted cooked lobsters. I would ask why he traded with me if I said that I was selling raw lobsters, and he wanted cooked ones, like what the fuck retard, you call me noob because you can't comprehend the English language correctly.

Well, this pretty much ends my little rant on the people who use this word, "noob". It's so hard to make friends if you lack the ability to not call other players names, the word that right off can start a fight, is of course noob. I hate so much, the people that can't help from using this word, I mean it doesn't even make sense for them to call a person that, none the less a reason as stupid as the one above. Just by knowing that, you can tell that player would have to be an idiot, because he used it in one of the stupidest ways possible.

Although I said that I was done, I still kept going. That therefore shows my hatred for that word, and the people who use it. So, the word "newb' is alright "noob" though, is not.


  1. I completely agree with all of this. Once, I was walking to Fally, and a guy followed me and asked me to buy some weapon poison for 10k. I told him no thanks, I had someone that made it for me if I had the mats. He was like "Fine, noob!" and ran off.
    Really? I'm the noob?

  2. For serial... People do that for reasons that don't even make any sense. Like right there, he just proved that he is an idiot